Become a Research Fellow/Intern

The Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP) is committed to being a center of excellence in the CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) region, bringing together Cambodian and international scholars to engage with national, regional and global academic and policy debates. CICP welcomes applications from Cambodian and international scholars wishing to spend time at the Institute in Phnom Penh. We are able to host a limited number of Research Fellows and interns whose academic interests and research focus are in line with our vision and research agenda.  CICP invites scholars from a broad range of disciplines and topics, focusing on issues pertinent to Cambodia and the Southeast Asian region. We are particularly interested in research that places Cambodia in a regional political, social and economic context, and research that endeavors to engage scholars, government, and civil society in constructive debate.

Fellows are not remunerated by CICP. We are able to provide office space and access to facilities, including meeting rooms, conference/presentation room, free printing, free wireless access, and our library. We also provide advice on housing, living in Phnom Penh, research preparation, and translation and transcription services. Some funding is available to help offset travel costs for fellows presenting at academic conferences. Most importantly, the fellows can benefit from, and contribute to, a growing network of scholars and policy makers from across Cambodia and the world.

Research Fellows are expected to participate in the activities of the Institute. This generally includes making a presentation of their own work. At the completion of their research, fellows are encouraged to submit a copy of their thesis/articles to the library (CICP will remunerate fellows for copying/binding fees). Fellows who are resident in Phnom Penh are expected to attend the monthly informal Fellows meetingswith all Research Fellows, interns, and CICP researchers, which provide a friendly forum for discussing our current work with colleagues. Fellows are also encouraged to attend CICP events, including the regular seminars and conferences. Where possible, fellows are encouraged to produce 1-2 papers based on their research for publication by CICP, and contribute to the CICP website or email communication.

Description of Research Fellow/Intern opportunities:
The ‘Research Fellow’ position is for younger/less experienced scholars. Candidates should normally hold a Bachelors degree or higher, and be affiliated with an academic or research institution. The ‘Senior Research Fellow’ position is for candidates with several publications, or academic/research experience. Candidates should normally hold a PhD degree or be a current PhD candidate, and be affiliated with an academic or research institution.

CICP also welcomes applications for the position of ‘Intern’. The CICP internship provides supervised research and work experience. CICP Interns commit to providing assistance to CICP communications and research activities (for example, helping to prepare for conferences and publications; assisting with website development; and information management in the CICP library). Interns are paired with a senior scholar who will help to develop the interns’ desired academic goals while at CICP. It is welcome, but not necessary for interns to be actively conducting their own research while at CICP. Interns are expected to participate in the CICP community, through attending regular meetings, seminars and conferences.

There is no application deadline for Research Fellows or Interns. Interested applicants should send an email to and with an expression of interest, CV and the completed application form. 

For more information, please contact;
Pou Sovachana
Deputy Director in Charge of Research and Publications
Cell: 017-592-018