Publications by CICP Research Fellows

1- Cambodia: Politics and a Legacy of Trauma

This essay is part of the Middle East-Asia Project (MAP) series on “Pathways to Transitional Justice in the Arab World — Reflections on the Asia Pacific Experience.” The series explores the pursuit of transitional justice in the post-Arab Spring Middle East, and how such efforts could be informed by past and ongoing justice processes in Asia-Pacific countries. 

Cambodia’s traumatic history has often been used as a tool for power among rival politicians in the country, particularly when elections are approaching. This article, however, argues that due to the passage of time, such tactics in relation to the Khmer Rouge[1]  have started to lose ground, in particular owing to demographic redistribution, social media outreach, and changes in perception.

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6- Article on Effectiveness of Land Law 2001 by Nuch Ramo
7- Mémoire de recherche by Nuch Ramo