The Launching of EARC

The Launching of
The East Asia Research Centre
Within the
Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace
24th January, 2017

On 24th January, HRH Samdech Norodom Sirivudh, Chairman and Founder of the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace along with Ambassador Pou Sothirak, Executive Director of CICP, officially launched a new unit within CICP called the East Asia Research Centre. 

Among the guests of honor attending this launch were distinguished members of the Board of Directors of CICP, H.E. Luy David, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia and other government officials, distinguished members of the diplomatic corps from China, Korea, US, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, members of the academia, researchers, university students, members of the press, and many friends of CICP.

HRH Samdech Norodom Sirivudh

During the welcoming speech, HRH Samdech Norodom Sirivudh, Chairman and Founder of CICP mentioned that it is important to understand how East Asia region, which is home to some of the world’s largest, most technologically advanced and most prosperous economies, advances its critical role in shaping public policies while it interact with other countries in Southeast Asia as well as with other major powers. He further stated that the East Asia Research Centre is established as a subunit of the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace to serve as the focal point for research, networking, publication, and outreach on issues and activities relating to East Asia. The Centre aspires to provide clear and scholarly analysis that would address critical challenges confronting East Asia region.

Ambassador Pou Sothirak

In thanking all the distinguished participants for coming to the launching of the East Asia Research Center, Ambassador Pou Sothirak, Executive Director of CICP, started with a recognition of a farsighted vision of HRH Samdech Norodom Sirivudh for creating this new unit, as he did created CICP some 20 years ago. He made his remark that the three main countries in East Asia, namely China, Korea and Japan,are known to be the main development partners of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) and have been cooperating with each other under the framework of the ASEAN Plus Three since 1999 at various levels and in various areas, including political security, energy, transport, and information and communications technology (ICT). However, staggering challenges remain among the three countries on such issues as historical animosity and deep seeded mistrust. As such, there is a need to create a unit call the East Asia Research Center within CICP to undertake the following works:

- To monitor the interaction between and among the two sub regions of northeast Asia and Southeast Asia through political and economic cooperation;
-To consider the future of the countries’ relationships with one another by focusing especially on scenario building and policy recommendations for the greater good of sustainable and irreversible peace and cooperation among the three countries and ASEAN;
- Not to include the domestic politics, economy, and society of individual countries, but not excluding the consideration of such domestic factors whenever and wherever they impact on their external relations;
- For the consideration of constructing and sustaining a stable East Asia for the 21st century, the EARC shall focus on themes such as environmental sustainability in development, the promotion of community, regionalism and regional identities, the role of international law and a new international order worth of its time, the greater equality among nations, races, and classes, and other topics deem appropriate from time to time by the executive team of CICP.

At the end of his remarks, Ambassador Pou Sothirak mentioned that EARC shall endeavor to be a premier center of excellence for its kind of activities throughout Indochina and Southeast Asia with its core value to produce a credible and independent research works based on scientific motivation and rigorous exploration.

H.E. Mrs. Pok Marina

During the launch, H.E. Mrs. Pok Marina, newly appointed Director of EARC opened up her remark by saying that it was her great honor to serve as the 1st Director of EARC under the umbrella of CICP and under the chairmanship of HRH Samdech Norodom Sirivudh as well as under the guidance of Ambassador Pou Sothirak. She is pleased to assume the mission to facilitate research and to comply with international standards in the delivery of academics work.

She mentioned that she intended to follow the roadmap and mission statement made for EARC by Ambassador Sothirak. She stressed that the objective of EARC is to produce international standard, independent research in order to promote platform for academic dialogue. EARC’s goal is to provide for the younger generation of researchers and students necessary tools to apprehend the forthcoming challenges created by transitional economy, politic and trade models of the globalized world. She ended her remarks by thanking all the participants’ support of the launch of the new EARC. 

During the discussion, there were many congratulatory statements made by some of the Diplomatic Corps and there were lively exchange of view on how best to operate EARC.