Current Research

A Snap Shot of Human Security in Practice in Cambodia

Objective: The concept of human security is based on the fundamental principles of “freedom from fear” and “freedom from want” through the 1994 Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  Human security needs are ‘basic needs’ and serve as the base of the human development pyramid; without them, an individual cannot realize his/her full human potential.  This concept is very important to the Cambodian people in terms of the protection and the empowerment of the individuals to live life in dignity, free from fear and free from want.The protection and the promotion of human security aim to alleviate or eradicate poverty, disease, hunger, malnutrition, and ignorance, as well as minimize if not eliminate threats natural disasters, drugs, crime and violence.  This research project intends to examine and determine how the concept of "human security," known as "freedom from fear”, “freedom from want”, and “freedom to live in dignity" as well as its threats are perceived and interpreted by Cambodia, both the state and its people.  The goal is to identify the country perceptions and interpretation on human security, as well as perceptions on human security threats in the following sectors: government, civil society, scholars/academics, local communities, and other relevant stakeholders.

by Pou Sovachana / Alice Beban