Dr. David Koh
Designation: Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Research Interest: Vietnamese politics and foreign policy, Vietnamese in Singapore, political and strategic developments in Indochina, and international politics in Southeast Asia
Email: segoviaiseas@gmail.com

Ph.D in Political Science, Chinese Studies, Economics and History, National University in Singapore.

M.A in Strategic Studies, National University in Singapore.


David Koh is Singaporean and Director of David Koh& Associates.  Until April 2013, he was a Senior Fellow at Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS).  He was the Coordinator of ISEAS’ Regional Strategic and Political Studies Program and was a visiting scholar at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Jinan University of China, and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies and the National University of Singapore.  His book “Wards of Hanoi” continues to be a key reference to the understanding of state-society relations in Vietnam.  His other book is an edited volumed entitled: “Legacies of World War II in South and East Asia” published in 2007.  David regularly pens his thoughts on Vietnam in op-ed pieces in international and Vietnamese media (in Vietnamese).


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