- Current Fellows

Dr. Ear Sophal
Designation: Visiting Senior Fellow
Research Interest:
Email: sophal_ear@yahoo.com
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Dr. Paul Wesley Chambers
Designation: Senior Research Fellow
Research Interest: Democracy and Authoritarianism; Civil-Military Relations/Security Sector Reform; Political Economy of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region; International Relationsin Southeast Asia; Comparative Politics across East, Southeast, and South Asia; Political Part
Email: pwchambers@gmail.com; pchambers@seaigs.org, chambers@giga-hamburg.de
Tel: (855) 97 882 3525
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Dr. Courtney Work
Designation: Visiting Senior Fellow
Research Interest: Intersections between Religion, Politics, and Environment, Conflicts over Land and Rights to Natural Resources, Government Policy and Local Capacity Building
Email: cw432@cornell.edu.
Tel: (855) 66 799 559
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Alice Beban
Designation: Visiting Senior Fellow
Research Interest: Political economy of development, Global food politics, Sustainable agriculture, Agrarian studies, Land reform, Feminist political ecology, Social movements and resistance, and Cambodian social and political life
Email: abb95@cornell.edu
Tel: (855) 95 212 648
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Nuch Ramo
Designation: Research Fellow
Research Interest: Impact Assessment (regulation, environment, human rights) and State reform in Cambodia
Email: nuchramo@yahoo.com
Tel: (855) 89 735 699
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